Delve Designs is a South Shore based Interior & Graphic design studio. We are a place for you to come when you need direction.Taking pride in our name, our design decisions are backed with a reason and purpose. By definition, to delve is to carry on intensive and thorough research for data or information. There can be general “rules” to follow when designing but we believe that each situation is unique & aren’t rules meant to be broken? Good design should be many things: Honest, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and when ever possible environmentally friendly.



Principal Designer

Amy Little, founder and principal designer at Delve has a passion for anything design related. Through her BA in interior design she has been given the fundamental tools to pursue this passion. She guides all her design projects upon the belief that it is equally important for a design to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. From a simple logo design to an entire restaurant, she is eager to help you achieve your needs.

I wholeheartedly delve into everything I do. I hope you will come here to find inspiration and guidance for your projects. After all the most important aspect of design is for it to function for you and your lifestyle. I believe in order to achieve a successful design, you should constantly be editing and asking “how is this element contributing to the overall goal?”